Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Day 5 - Sunriver, OR

One more “no picture” day. Princeton, BC, to Sunriver, OR was about 10 hours of driving. Only one stop for gas in East Wenatchee, WA, and two rest areas. The second was about fifty miles south of the Oregon border. I don’t remember where The first one was. 

This was our destination as the trailer is being stored here at an RV park. Tomorrow we check to see how the trailer fared while in storage. Hopefully no mice or ants. And hopefully the solar charge controller kept the batteries topped up. I had left a temperature controlled fan running. We’ll see how that worked. 

And after today, the truck fuel economy average is 23.8 mpg. Can’t complain about that. 


  1. Bridget's blog, Artie and Leinen's Great Adventure, has pictures.

  2. That's great gas mileage compared to my URRV!

    1. I’m still amazed at the increase in mileage compared to earlier road trips. In the past, 18mpg was the norm...

  3. Hopefully you can slow down your travel now! 😀