Monday, July 27, 2015

From Bridget

Hello everyone.  It was requested that I post, too.  The reunion was a success, as usual.  There were field games, Japanese dancing, swimming, hiking, crafts, and lots of good visiting.  When we left they crowded around us taking pictures.
As tradition goes, some left overs go to a local restaurant for lunch.  This was at a brewery that is made of many buildings including the restaurant, hotel, gift shop, golf, gardens, and beautiful flowers.  I enjoyed the trip there smelling a lavender field, and trees.
Today we went to Eugene to visit a friend of mine that used to live in Fairbanks.  On the way there we passed a mint field.  mmmmmmm.  We are now in Florence, OR.
Here is an otter I saw.
I enjoy painted outside murals.

Oregon is very dog friendly.  Here is a water fountain for standing ppl, wheelchair bound or shorter ppl, and one for dogs.


  1. My computer battery died, and I forgot the charger. I wasn't able to add to my post. Above you see Richard eating something purple with tentacles, another dog watering station, there are bowls all over the place.. There is also a picture of the steep driveway to our hotel- that was fun! And our hotel

  2. Always good to hear from the monkey's side of things....if your phone is up to date, you should be able to find a charging cable to a usb power source?

  3. Hello Bridget, looks like you enjoyed yourself. Great seeing your hubby in a picture for a change, and I am not keen on knowing what the something purple with tentacles might be ;-)

  4. Pretty smart heading to the coast while it gets warm inland.