Friday, July 31, 2015

It's time for Bridget's pictures!

I apologize if there are duplicates of what Richard put in.
Most of the bridges along the coast had these concrete pillars.  

Here is a fish and a shrimp from the aquarium.

I apologize if there are strange spaces in this post.  All the pictures I wanted to put on came on together all mixed up.  Anyway, we spent a night at the Sea Quest Inn, a B & B that had wine at 5:30, and 5 course breakfast promptly at 9:00AM.  This is the view of the ocean from our room.

I took a hike along the beach and found strange looking things like this.  At first it looks just like a round clear plastic lid for sodas at a fast food restaurant.  Walking towards the water they were looking rounder.

Oh, it is a jelly fish.  There were hundreds along the beach.  I touched one like the one on the top with my shoe, and it rolled up like used cup cake or muffin paper.

These rocks hold tide pools.  In them I found beautiful green sea anemones.

Our host at the B & B suggested Ona's for dinner.  In fact, he suggested it to every guest, and called to make reservations for each of us.  I wonder if he gets free food there.  Richard had a salad with beets and asparagus among other things.  Mine was a green salad with crab.  I really like crab, but I don't like all the work to get the meat out of the shell.
I will be adding more pictures tomorrow!  Lots of flowers.


  1. Bridget - that B&B looked fabulous. Right on the ocean .... I think I might have been tempted to just stay there.

  2. Ocean view... what's not to love. The beet / asparagus combo looks especially appealing to me. Not a crab fan per say...

    1. The beet/asparagus salad was fantastic. Beet salads aren't very common…

  3. No pics of you two while riding? So many selfie sticks out there.....just make sure you don't drop it! :)

  4. I took pics of scenery and forgot to post them.

  5. Nice pictures Bridget! We have oodles of jellyfish on our beaches a little further up island. The food looks delicious, i love crab as well and it is a lot of work, but so worth it in the end.