Friday, July 31, 2015

Day 45 - Back to Corvallis

Just a few more photos from the Evergreen Aircraft and Space Museum. We got a nice parking space right in front of the museum though I should've asked about parking in the shade. Especially when I overheard two of the volunteer staff members talking about the Ural in the parking lot with Alaska plates. And having pictures on his phone to prove it.

This is the 2007 Ural that was part of the display. The story we heard is that the owner of Evergreen Aviation saw it one day and bought it on the spot. Too bad that it's now just sitting here as part of the museum. Note the tray under the transmission to catch oil leaks. I didn't take a photo of the Gear-Up in another part of the museum.

Another shot of the Spruce Goose showing it's size. There are multiple images on the web showing it's size relative to modern passenger planes. The wingspan is over 50% more than a 747 and the length is slightly less. You can go into the hull but to venture into the cockpit is another $25. The museum really needs to raise money to keep these planes around. The original plan was to cut it up and sell the pieces. I'm glad that it's still in one piece.

Here is their SR-71 Blackbird. It is on display in the "Space" building instead of the aviation. The only reason I can think of is that they ran out of room. Since there isn't as much concern about the low humidity of air conditioning, the space museum is nice and cool. The Space museum was pretty complete though there wasn't really anything there that I hadn't seen at other times.

No pictures from the short ride back to Corvallis this morning. We left shortly after breakfast and actually remembered to get gas on the way out of town. The last couple of days I had forgotten to fill up. On Tuesday, we had to add the contents of the gas can and on Thursday, we found a small gas station literally in the middle of nowhere just after switching to reserve. 


redlegsrides said...

I liked the Evergreen Aviation Museum....what are you getting for MPG?

RichardM said...

I've been tracking on and averaging about 28.7 mpg since timing was fixed w/the sidecar windshield in place. Using the GPS instead of the odometer, it's closer to 31.5 mpg.

VStar Lady said...

Note to self Richard, never let a chance to gas up pass you by (same goes for bathroom breaks!)

RichardM said...

I wasn't too concerned since I had the extra 3gal in the rear gas can. That is enough for another 90 miles or so.