Thursday, July 30, 2015

Bridget's post

Hello everyone.  Boy, is it hot here!  Today's' ride was very pleasant through the trees.  I can catch up with my pictures tomorrow.  Trees and farms and grapevines.  I did start to feel a little miserable with the heat.  About five minutes before we stopped I realized that I could have unzipped the liner to my jacket.  Silly me.
The first thing we did at the airplane museum was get refreshments.  The first thing I spotted was the Ural.  The story is the owner of the museum saw someone with it and purchased it right then and there.  So amongst the planes and helicopters were 2 Urals.  The other one was in the back painted in camouflage stationed by WW2 airplanes.  It is a fairly recently made motorcycle pretending to be old.
One thing we've enjoyed on this trip is eating.  Next door is a diner.  We both had linguini with local tomatos, winter squash, Walla Walla onions, goat cheese and other ingredients.
The house we stayed in last night was on the historical register.  Beside it was a very small plot with an obelisk and plaque claiming that was the spot of the first Post Office west of the Mississippi.
I hear it has been raining a lot in Fairbanks.  So my flowers are not dry, and I wonder how my dogs are doing at doggie day care.


  1. Lucky for you Mother Nature is taking care of your flowers, my family were not so good at it while I was away. Oh the doggies will be so happy to see you when you get back. My cat is just now beginning to think it's okay to leave me alone - I've been back two weeks. You wonder what's going on in their little heads!

    1. Doggie day care says they are happy and getting a lot of attention. The cat is home with my son. Both B & B's had dogs.

  2. I wonder how many rigs one could fit inside the Spruce Goose?