Monday, May 12, 2008

A Very Hectic Day

I knew that it was going to be a hectic day when I was running late for the bus and ended up running from the house to the bus stop this morning. After that start to my day, I went ahead and walked up to the Butrovich Building to begin my day. I forgot about a couple of meetings, and had to rush trying to get a server shipped to Barrow. I then walked down to UPark to catch a ride to the airport. I was trying to find a box to package up a couple of phones to take with me but I ended up bringing just one. At least I'll be able to verify that the server works once I get it set up. Anyway, over 20k steps so far today and it's only 4:00. I'm too tired to walk laps in the airport so that may be it for the day. BTW, the new airport looks pretty nice. Kind of like Anchorage.

Actually, I'm not complaining about sitting in the airport. It has forced me to get things done this morning and a chance to reply to a bunch of email from this morning.

Monday Evening - I went walking around the NARL campus this evening after arriving in Barrow. Made my 10 miles for today. It is absolutely beautiful up here. Blue skies, a few scattered cumulus clouds, and essentially daylight for 24 hours. It still is around 10°F but very nice. The snow is really bright.

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