Tuesday, May 27, 2008

In the "Death Zone"

According to the chart on the StartWalking site, I'm past Camp III which puts me in the "Death Zone". According to the TV series, I am not allowed to stay here too long before having to descend. I guess that means I really need to get moving. I didn't get enough walking in this last weekend due to feeling really exhausted. I seem to feel this way more and more often. This afternoon, we had two consultants up talking about Enterprise Architecture and project management. Two topics I am pretty interested in and it was all I could do to just stay awake. Both were excellent speakers but I just had difficulty staying focused. Maybe I had too much lunch or just not enough coffee. I am currently walking this evening during the scout meeting and I should easily pass the 10k step minimum but I won't reach my 10 mile goal.

I rode the bike in to work today and took a longer loop home with more stop lights just for the practice. I've discovered that all three of the left turn signals leaving the University (Farmers Loop, University Ave and Geist Road) won't detect a motorcycle. This leaves me the option of either turning right and making a "U" turn or running the light. Both are unacceptable options to me. Who do I complain to? Today, I ended up sitting there until someone pulled up behind me. Fortunately, there are two other exits from the university without signal lights. Unfortunatly, they just chip sealed one of the roads so it is a little more treacherous than it could be. At least for me.

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  1. The tri is on Sunday at 1pm. And no way I'm treating it like a race. I'm in awesome shape but not at that intensity level...I walk...it's much lower impact. But I do know I have the endurance to finish...it's really just a matter of how much pain I feel the next day...lol.