Monday, May 19, 2008

Camp 2

Surprisingly, I made it to Camp 2 today. Last week while I was in Barrow, I took time out to do some walking even if it was just laps around the building. Actually, it was laps on the roads within the NARL campus that weren't too muddy. I came up with a loop that was about 1/2 a mile and I ended up walking it many times per day. Just about every afternoon, I didn't feel very well due to my medication and walking is still the best way to help the sick feeling pass. It was usually very nice late in the evening so I went for a couple of short runs then. I only reached my 10 mile goal once last week but came pretty close on most of the other days. I think the walking is what helped make the long work days manageable. During the other StartWalking programs, completion was a real goal. This time, there isn't a "prize" for completion so it doesn't feel at all like a goal. Losing weight is a goal, and the 10 mile per day is a goal but my interest in the current StartWalking program just isn't there like it was in the past. Is this a problem?

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