Tuesday, May 20, 2008

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I went for a walk this afternoon after lunch since, as usual, I felt a little naseous probably from eating something at lunch that I should have avoided. Irregardless of the reason, it was a beautiful afternoon and had a wonderful walk. I was amazed at the way some people were driving considering that we now have some of the most expensive gasoline in the country. I was reminded of this fact yesterday when I filled up the truck. I had to run my credit card three times to fill up the tank ($75, $50 & $11). And the tank wasn't even empty. The good part is that this was the first time I've filled up the truck since back in March. I don't see why people would drive their vehicles in such a manner as to essentially blow their money out of their tailpipe.

But I digress... I walked for about an hour and felt wonderful by the end of the walk. I was tempted to try out the trails but just ended up walking along the roads. Maybe tomorrow I'll try out the ski trails.

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