Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Another beautiful day. I walked down to College and University and back via the scenic route (Ballaine Lake) so I'm well over halfway to my daily goal. Again, I was really tempted to go for a bike ride instead of a walk today but I figured that since I can leave at 4:00 (came in at 7:00.) That will give me time for a long ride home. There must have been an update to the iPod since its behavior seems to have changed somewhat. I stopped to talk to Joe Dart near the exit to the University near Ballaine Lake and the iPod turned off. I didn't notice this since I got to College Road. So lost a bit. Now I know that I need to watch for that. Are there others using the Nike+ gadget with their iPod? 15k steps so far today. I already feel like going for another walk...


  1. I've never even heard of the Nike gadget. What is it? I think I might be interested in one. Plus, I always walk with my I-Pod anyways.

    I hear you about another walk. It's so amazing here that I want to do nothing but be outside. Unfortunately, I'm coordinating Nome's Heart Walk and we have a meeting tonight and then I have to go to fire it'll have to be much later!

  2. Nike+ is a receiver that fits onto the dock connector of an iPod Nano. You put the transmitter in/on your shoe and it tracks through the iPod. Walks and runs are uploaded from the iPod through iTunes to the Nike+ site where you can compete with others around the world for virtual trophies. It will also show your pace as a plot for each run as well as retain a history of all of your individual walks. If you have a Nano, it's about $30. It was a great incentive to keep walking through the winter.

    While listening to the iPod, you can have it "speak" your pace and distance through the headphones.