Saturday, May 10, 2008

Long Saturday Walk

After a slow start this morning, I went for a long walk after lunch. I was planning on doing what has become my 7 mile loop. Today I added a bit to it by extening it by a half an hour to about 8 1/2 miles. Plenty of hills since I really need the cardio workout. Most of the water on the dirt roads is now gone but there were still several roads that seemed pretty unstable. You can feel the road surface give a little with every step as if I were the incredible hulk. Makes me feel like maybe I really should have stayed in that diet. I just passed 20k steps so far today. Maybe I can make Camp 1 before the weekend is over. I hope I do since I probably won't get many steps in this coming week since I'm going up to Barrow. I was thinking of going for a bike ride when I finished my walk but it started raining. I know. Poor excuse. At least I got in a walk.

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