Saturday, May 17, 2008

Back from Barrow

Got back from Barrow last night and I've spent much of the day recovering. Whenever I'm up there, I usually end up working 12 to 18 hours per day. I did go for a longish walk this afternoon and got caught in the rain. I ended up very chilled for the rest of the afternoon. A couple of late nights in Barrow getting things working but now things seem to be running great. I got the basics of the telephone system setup using an open source SIP proxy called OpenSER and Polycon phones. The pstn gateway was just ordered so no phone calls outside of the facility yet (I can call the IP phones in my office and Toolik Lake). This is the fun part of my job, i.e. seeing things work. I did manage to get more than 10k steps each day I was up there but towards the end, it was getting more and more difficult due to breakup. Lots of water and mud on the roads. The first evening, I was able to go jogging on the snowy roads but by the last, it was all mud. I need to get more phones ordered then I can really get things going.

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