Friday, May 23, 2008

Exercise is Getting More Popular?

The ski trails are in pretty good shape for walking and I've noticed that there are a lot of people out at lunchtime. It looks like there has been some success in getting people to exercise more. I usually enjoy walking in the hills in the evening and there seems to be quite a few more walkers and bikers out and about than there has been in previous years. Maybe high gas prices is getting some people to dig out their old bicycles that they haven't used for years. There are also a lot more motorcycles on the road than in previous summers. Maybe all those bikes that people got to ride just on Sundays are also getting out on the weekdays or maybe I'm just noticing them more. I'm headed out for a walk to clear the "blah" that seem to show up every afternoon. A few short miles generally does wonders.

Friday evening - Right now, I'm relaxing listening to a local steel drum band practice in their new practice room. What used to be a bar on 2nd street. Nice way to spend a Friday night. I think I got enough walking today. Not 10 miles but close enough. I'm really achy today for some reason. Maybe I need a long, quiet weekend.

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  1. That's the same kind of pedometer that I just bought and fell in love with. I don't remember the ones I had been using but they were $10 more expensive and not as accurate. I'm quite pleased with my purchase!

    Have a great and active holiday weekend!! :-)