Monday, May 1, 2023

Fort Mohave, AZ - BW

Monday - Today was a relatively long travel day at 385 miles. I arrived at the Boondockers Welcome location at around 5pm. The hosts have an RV parking spot next to their garage, which also has another RV parking spot.  The site has power and water connections but I am only taking advantage of the power. 

We had a couple of issues during the drive. The WeBoost antenna cable came loose from its attachments on the roof. A couple of zip-ties fixed it in place. And, the passenger side body panel around the rear tire came loose. The two screws holding it in place were missing. Fortunately, I had several extras in my box of miscellaneous hardware. 

The cat wasn’t behaving as usual so we disconnected the Jeep and Bridget took the cat to a vet in Buckeye, AZ. They are on their way back here right now. For some reason, Google routed her through Kingman.

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