Saturday, May 6, 2023

Klamath Falls, OR - HH

Saturday - The low temperature last night was 39°F. I turned on the block heater but may have left it on too long for the outside temperature. When I tried to start the engine around 9:30, the engine started readily but wouldn’t stay running. Fifteen minutes later, I tried again without the block heater on. The engine started easily and ran a bit longer before dying. At 10:00, I tried again and right after starting up, the grid heaters came back on and the engine stayed running. When the water temperature is above ~75°F, the grid heaters don’t come back on after the engine starts.

Today was a travel day and we went 200 miles to Klamath Falls, OR. It rained for much of the trip and when the elevation was above 5000’, the rain turned to sleet. Not good, in my opinion. The weather improved as the day progressed. 

Tonight’s stay is in the parking lot of a golf course. This is available as the golf add on to Harvest Hosts. No hookups or other amenities but no charge either. 

Tonight’s low is forecasted to be down to freezing. I’ll probably run the generator for an hour tomorrow morning to charge the batteries and run the block heater during that time. An hour shouldn’t be too long. 

Hopefully, we won’t have a problem…


  1. You said the F word... I don't want to see any more cold and snow. Bring on spring! Cheers, SonjaM

    1. Shouldn’t have mentioned it. It did get down to 29°F last night…