Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Corvallis, OR

Monday - A cool-ish day today with a light drizzle. And a low temperature of 41°F. A good opportunity to start the engine. It started and ran without an issue. The lesson is don’t use the block heater unless it’s much colder. 

I did wash the Jeep yesterday as it was covered with 1500 miles of grime from the wet roads and the diesel exhaust. Not the oily mess that we had last summer but just some soot from this pre-particulate filter diesel. In the rear view camera, you can see all the spray from the rear tires of the motor home.

Supposedly, it’s only going to be raining today. We walked around the OSU campus this afternoon and picked up Hawaiian food to-go and went to me sister’s home for dinner. 

 - This morning, we drove out to Newport to visit a friend, KevinD at Whalers Rest TT campground. We had last been here in August of 2020, so it’s been a while. We walked down to the beach and it was a minus tide, so pretty low. I don’t remember it being this low on previous trips. 

We walked around the shops in the harbor. Quite a few of the shops were closed with it being the middle of the week. It was a really nice day. 

Back in Corvallis, we met up with Brad and Brandy at the Team Oregon offices. We had dinner at a local microbrewery down the street and had a wonderful visit.

Tomorrow, we head north. 


  1. Good to hear it wasn't an engine issue, just using the block heater when the temperatures were too warm.

    1. Yes, kind of odd behavior. Especially since I have used the block heater At similar temperatures in the past.