Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Fairbanks, AK

Sunday - Starting to get things straightened up and cleaned out. I got the Ural dug out of its corner of the garage. Topped up the tires, checked the oil, and it started right up (after I remembered the choke!).

Monday - Continuing the de-clutter process. Hauled multiple trash bags of stuff from the freezer, pantry, and the spice cabinet. Lots of stuff that’s been hanging around for way too long. 

I tossed out a bunch of clothes that no longer fit (too big!) and some that I haven’t worn for more than ten years. There is still so much stuff…

Tuesday - I noticed they sunset is once again after midnight with the nights getting shorter every day. 
Out of curiosity, I stopped by the normal Tuesday morning coffee place to see if people were still meeting. I had a great visit.

I also stopped at the university to pick up my free parking pass and Home Depot to order replacement springs for the garage door. After a brief shopping trip at Costco, I was back home. I missed the afternoon test session as it was a bit of a wait at Home Depot as only one person knew how to order replacement parts. 


  1. Richard, you put us to shame! We've been attempting to declutter for a few years but always manage to conveniently find something more interesting to do 😊. Maybe this coming spring......

    1. That’s my problem. Almost anything is more interesting to do.