Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Chehalis, WA - TT

Monday - Did a little plumbing work on the RV. The macerating toilet has a small variable resistor on the back of the control panel to change how long the water valve is open when refilling the bowl. It was set to max and the bowl wasn't filling all the way. The valve is embedded into the back of the toilet so I couldn't get it loose without cutting hoses. I had one more Shelly1 so I added a new pushbutton switch to operate the valve manually. Push a button, allowing 5 seconds of additional water into the bowl.

The water was out for about 18 hours here at the campground as someone had run over and broken a water line yesterday. It took them a while to get it fixed. Quite a bit longer than it did at Far Horizons in Tucson. Fortunately, we have enough water in our tank for several days.

Today was forecast to be another hot one but here at the campground, it's pretty nice. Plenty of shade and an occasional breeze blowing through. It did start raining mid-afternoon with thunderstorms and lightning around 6pm.

The last bit of plumbing work was replacing one of the blade valves. The plastic handle had broke a couple of months ago. It still worked but I went ahead and ordered a replacement on Amazon with a metal handle. It only took about ten minutes to replace it. 

Tuesday - It's pretty nice today. Around 74°F mid-afternoon. Just about perfect. It does feel a bit colder than AZ due to the higher humidity. Not much going on with us. Since it is cooler, I decided to make some Irish stew tonight. 

 - It felt hot working in the sun today. I got the tow dolly cleaned up to deliver to its new owner on Friday. I hope there is no issue with the sale as I advertised it through Facebook. We are supposed to be meeting the buyer in Tacoma on Friday. I washed off most of the oil and soot that had accumulated from the RV exhaust. It was pretty grimy. Tested the lights, checked the brake fluid, and collected all the pieces including brand new wheel nets, a new tire and wheel, and some other small parts I’ve accumulated while we were using it. Aired the tires to 50psi (max 80psi) as it’ll be unloaded for the trip. The brake fluid was still clean and I have spare covers for the master cylinder. 

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