Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Pahrump, NV - BW

Tuesday - A relatively short travel day at 183 miles. We are staying at another Boondockers Welcome location. They have four sites, one with full hookups. It is only 72°F this afternoon with the overnight low forecast to be 46°F. Quite a change from the last couple of weeks. 

This was the first real test of the electric cooling fan that I had added to the radiator/intercooler stack back in August while at Lake Whitney TT. I had it on low speed yesterday and today and on a long, 6% grade north on 95, the engine heated up to 222°. I pulled over at a trailhead parking lot to let the engine cool down. Plus, I had lunch. I switched the fan to high speed and continued up the grade for several more miles. Our speed never got above 40-35mph as we started out heading up the grade. When we hit the top, the water temperature was pretty steady at 215°. Warmer than I would have liked but much better than before. In the past on shorter grades, the computer would derate the engine as the temperature was getting up to 235°F. So this was an improvement.

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