Thursday, May 25, 2023

Watson Lake, YT

Thursday - We got an early start this morning as we knew it was going to be our longest travel day at 535 miles. Basically, the full length of the Cassiar Hwy plus some more at both ends. There aren’t many places to stay with a cat. It was a beautiful day with fantastic scenery and not a much traffic. We spotted four moose, a porcupine, and six black bear today. 

We got some gasoline at Bell II and it turned out to be enough to make it all the way up Watson Lake. With the slower speeds on the Cassiar, we are getting almost 30mpg on the Jeep. We stopped at Jade City just to stretch our legs a bit. At this point, we were only about 1½ hours to Watson Lake. 

Only a couple more days before we are back home…


  1. Can't imagine to be behind the wheel over 500 miles and more... phew! How do you manage? Cheers, SonjaM

    1. I think I’ve done the full length of the Cassiar in one day several times. With the BMW, I’ve done some 800+ mile days. The days up here are long…