Friday, June 2, 2023

Fairbanks, AK

Wednesday - I joined the early test session just to see how well Zoom worked. I suspect that it's going to work really well given the SpeedTest results. I'm going to get spoiled...

Today's project is continuing to clean the junk out of the garage. A lot of junk has accumulated over the last 40 years of living in Fairbanks.

Thursday - I went to morning coffee again and there were six others there. It was nice to catch up with them again. I did ride the Ural this morning as I needed to fill up the tank. Plus, I wanted to make sure that it ran okay. After all, it's been a couple of years since it was last ridden. It ran great.

It never did warm up much today. At 4pm, it was only 45°F. But we didn’t get snow like they did in Tok and Delta. The forecast for next week is highs in the 70s. Back to normal.

Friday - The Lock Screen on the phone still shows your location and the sunlight. That is dark when it’s dark outside and sunlit like shown here. I think that’s kinda interesting. 

Decluttering continues. After the morning test session, I tackled the workbench in the garage. But  after a few hours, I was starting to feel overwhelmed. There is a lot of junk. 

I needed a few groceries for today’s dinner, so I took the Ural out. The light rain prompted me to dig out the Roadcrafter and I am still amazed how easy it is to get in and out of it. A good design. 


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    1. Yep. It’s been a while since I’ve been here…

  2. My cousin posted snow pics on FB a couple days ago. Crazy! She is in the Fairbanks area, but not sure exactly where, or where the photos were taken.

    1. There was snow at some of the higher elevations around here. Fortunately, not where we are.