Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Another Trailer Project

Sunday - A quiet day. My only "project" was attaching the spare tire to the utility trailer. It didn't come with a spare or a mount but Lowe's carried both. I attached it to the passenger side as the driver's side would be heavier due to the motorcycle's weight distribution. The only problem with this mounting location is not being able to fold the front of the trailer down. I shouldn't need that feature anymore as I can now drive the Ural onto the trailer without the need for a come-along (hand winch).

Monday - After a visit to the dentist, we headed back to continue the decluttering process. In the evening, there was another Airhead get-together as there were out-of-town visitors one of whom was an officer of the national Airhead organization. The visitors were also at D2D (Dust to Dawson).

Tuesday -  Another doctor visit is done. Gradually plugging away at the to-do list for when we are back in town. 

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