Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Still in Fairbanks

Sunday - A nice 75°F day today with partly cloudy skies and no rain.

Monday - Today, my youngest son headed out of Alaska. His Subaru is pretty well loaded. Hopefully he makes it through Canada without any problems. 

Bridget has been busy selling things on FB Marketplace in advance of her garage sale this weekend. I gotta admit that I really dislike garage sales. But, it’s probably better than just throwing things away.

Tuesday - I went to coffee this morning at the Sunsprout Cafe. A good group of friends that meet every Tuesday and Thursday morning. And the coffee is pretty good. I moved most of the motorcycle and moto-camping gear onto the trailer. I need to add some more tie-downs for both the boxes as well as the Ural. Off to Lowe's again!

Wednesday - Bridget got rid of a few more large items and the garage is starting to look emptier (finally!). Today's “project” was making a deconstructed California roll. Sushi rice with crabmeat salad, furikake, avocado, cucumbers, Japanese mayo, and toasted sesame seeds. It turned out pretty tasty!


  1. Ugh, I hate moving and the clearing out/cleaning work beforehand. Where's Kyle going?

  2. After having moved a dozen times incl. intercontinental one develops a certain routine and cleans out the home at least once a year. Good luck with the decluttering mission. Cheers, SonjaM

    1. Thanks, we are going to need luck or more energy…