Sunday, June 11, 2023

More Tasks…

Friday - We met with Tim and Sue for lunch at Pioneer Park aka Alaskaland. I had a taco salad at the souvlaki place. It was pretty good though not spectacular. After lunch, we walked around the park and the stern wheeler Nenana is definitely in need of restoration. It’s been closed for quite a while.

Saturday - More work on the trailer getting some boards bolted to the deck. And, I made some removable blocks for the front wheel to ride up on when loading so the cylinder head clears the side. 

Sunday - A few more house things dealt with. The zone for the hot water maker was on continuously. It turned out to be simple. The thermocouple for the thermostat was not installed. I simply put it back into position and the zone shut off within a minute. 

The downstairs toilet needed a new shutoff valve and the water supply hose had a ton of iron built up. A straightforward fix. 

I need to examine how the circulating pump is wired up on the boiler as it seems to be running continuously. Even with all of the zone valves closed. 

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