Sunday, April 30, 2023

Packing Up

Friday - We went to Black Bear Diner this morning for my complimentary birthday breakfast. It was decent enough though the gravy on the biscuits and gravy didn't have a lot of flavor. Afterward, I finally finished washing and waxing the RV. I had to wait until the driver's side was shaded even though it was pretty warm at 90°F. I think it turned out decent for a spray-on wax.

There was an afternoon test session and I lead one of the teams. After tomorrow, there won’t be very many opportunities to participate as we will be traveling almost every day for over a week. After the test session, I went ahead and packed up my e-bike. With the forecasted temperatures, I don't expect it to get much use before we head out. And, since we picked up a rotisserie chicken at Costco, I went ahead and cleaned up and packed the Blackstone. After tomorrows test session, I'll pack up our table and mat.

Saturday - It's forecast to be a warm one today. A high of 97°F is definitely warm. Before the morning test session, I went ahead and started the engine just to reassure myself that it still runs. I still don't have a lot of confidence in this Cat C7 engine. BTW, it started up just fine, and didn't even smoke much. 

After the test session, I'll check all of the fluid levels including the generator as we will be running the generator and the rooftop A/C during our drive north. Especially the first couple of days. 

One other item fixed is the driver power seat. I figured that it was a broken wire or blown fuse. It turned out to be a crimped butt connection failure probably from the driver’s seat being rotated a bit too far. An easy fix. I did take a look at the automatic generator start and it is running and the communication cable is plugged in. It has two RJ14 connections one labeled network and the other remote. I’m not sure what they are for .

This evening, we had dinner with Dick and Kathy, who were our neighbors across the street last Fall. They knew of a good Japanese restaurant and it was pretty good. 

After dinner, we had sorbet at another stellar location. Tucson really does have some good food locations. After dinner we enjoyed the hot tub. After today, only one more opportunity…

Sunday - The chassis battery charger seems to work fine. Currently, I have it set to turn on when the chassis battery is under 12.6V and the SOC of the house batteries is over 90%. The check is only made at the top of the hour. Shutoff is when the chassis battery is over 13.5V for over 15 minutes. 

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