Sunday, April 16, 2023

Still in Tucson

Saturday - This morning, the chassis battery was at 13.7V and the charger was putting out 0.8amps. Sounds like it’s working to me and now, I no longer need to mess with the small battery charger for the chassis battery. This will be most useful when the generator is being used. The generator starts and runs off of the chassis battery but doesn't charge it. Something I observed the first time we had the motor home in Quartzsite. I prefer this over operating the generator off of the house batteries, which a many RVs seem to do. If the house batteries are low, then red you may not be able to start the generator to charge them back up. Also, I notice that people are having problems starting the generator after converting to lithium batteries as the heavy current draw from the starter causes the BMS to shut down the batteries.

After the morning test session, I took advantage of the cooler temperature to clean the Jeep. It’s been well over a month and was looking pretty dirty. And there was still a lot of sand from Quartzsite and Yuma. 

Sunday - After grinding down a small bump on the grill surface, I decided to completely re-season the surface. I hadn’t done that since it was new almost a year ago. After thoroughly cleaning the surface, it’s heated up on high. I smeared on some Blackstone branded griddle seasoning then let it burn off. This was repeated three times. 

This afternoon was 88°F and it was on the warm side. I walked to HomeDepot to pick up a piece of pine for a shelf in the tool bay. With all of the tool bags stacked up on each other, I figured that some organization would make it easier to find and access what I’m looking for. HD didn’t have 6’ long 1x2 so I picked up a 6’ long 1x4 and need to rip it down. Hopefully, the wood shop will be open tomorrow.

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