Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Tucson, AZ

Tuesday - I went for a windy bike ride this afternoon. At 58°F, which was today’s high temperature, it felt pretty cold when heading into the wind. Not a long ride maybe 10 miles or so but enough to get some fresh air. The group shown is just part of what meets many days for “AA” which stands for Attitude Adjustment. I think it’s just another term for happy hour. Last fall, we were across the street from many of them and have enjoyed meeting them. One couple headed north this morning, others are heading out in about 10 days or so. 

This is not what I expected to see in April in Tucson. This is for tomorrow early morning. I guess I’ll just turn off the water and drain the water hose tonight. We’ll just use water from our water tank. We can try out my new water pump controls. 

After getting out of the hot tub, I turned on this propane heater to warm up before heading back. Usually, the propane bottle is empty but this one still had some. It was nice!

BTW, even though it was 48°F, I was not the only one at the hot tub. There are plenty of Canadians here…

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