Monday, April 3, 2023

Tucson, AZ

Saturday - A few days ago, I found something I had misplaced in the RV over a year and a half ago. In July 2021, I ordered TPMS sensors for the Jeep that works with the EezTire system we use on the RV. By the time we picked up the Jeep, six months had passed by and I didn’t know where to put the sensors. They are now installed on the Jeep. This is the same system that we originally used with the truck and 5th wheel.

It’s turning out to be a pretty warm day with a high-temperature forecast to be 83°F. It’s time for A/C for the first time in months. I was planning to make some more meyer lemon bars today as someone in the park had a whole bunch available outside their home. 

Later - The lemon bars turned out pretty good. 

 - A walk around the RV park was good for 2.12 miles. Not a lot but a chance to get outside in the beautiful weather. It was a very pleasant 73°F and it started out as a walk to drop off some recycling (at the green dot) and I just kept walking.

We had dinner at Black Bear Diner since I had a coupon for a free breakfast. Afterwards, I came out to the hot tub and soaked for a bit. My back was aching this afternoon. I doubt it was from my walk this morning. 

 - As we travel, I tend to pick up stickers from locations and fellow RV travelers. Over half of these have been waiting for an opportunity to be put up. When we had our oil leak, the rear cap always had a layer of oil and some stickers didn’t survive. I washed the cap with Dawn detergent followed by alcohol in the sticker area. Later today or tomorrow, I’ll wax the cap over the stickers.

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