Thursday, April 20, 2023

Another Small Project

Monday - It was an early morning for me. I got up to watch the SpaceX Starship launch this morning at 5am. At around T-8:00, they had a pressurization issue on the first stage so the launch turned into a wet dress rehearsal. The countdown was stopped at 10 seconds. The next opportunity is in 48 hours. 

After the morning test session, I did manage to get something done today. This is the small bay where I store most of my tools. Every time I need to get something, I end up pulling out most if not all of the bags. Kind of a hassle. The lower section is mostly hand tools which are pretty heavy. Behind those bags are the rarely used items such as a hand saw and a torque wrench. I ripped a 1x4 using the table saw here at the park. Much easier than trying to rip the board using a circular saw. 

Tuesday - Before testing the slide out, I wanted to make sure there weren't any more screw heads sticking out that could cause problems. Four more showed some evidence of touching the bottom of the slide, so I removed them. Now, I'm waiting for some fabric glue to dry where I glued some shelf liner to some strips of carpet that I had picked up in Quartzsite. These will be put on the floor where the slide skis can slide.

Wednesday - There was a morning test session and we did two people serially since there weren't quite enough VEs.

After the test, I went up on the roof to wash off the solar panels and get rid of some of the yellow junk that these trees are dumping everywhere. It turns out that at least one of the panels is partially shaded during the morning which explains why I haven't been seeing the watts that I've been expecting. Especially since the sun is now much higher in the sky.

Thursday - Another early morning for me. We watched the Starship takeoff and RUD this morning at around 6:40. The second stage didn't separate as it was supposed to so they blew it up from the ground. SpaceX still considered it a successful test as it actually left the ground and the booster flew to main engine cutoff. 

Afterward, there was a test session with a last-minute applicant but since he had tested with us previously, no issues. I applied a Mac update and since I am running on unsupported hardware, the display reverts to the native screen resolution. This is almost impossible to read. Eventually, a message from Open-Core Patcher comes up to re-install the root patches and restart. This fixes the issue. Maybe it's about time to upgrade from this 2016 Macbook Pro to something current...

I finally pulled in the driver's side slide a couple of times to see how well my repairs faired. No issues. The picture is the front of the slide ski as it came in on top of the carpet pieces that we picked up in Quartzsite.

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