Friday, April 14, 2023

Slide Repair - Part 2

Thursday - It’s cool enough to work outside. It’s still 80°F but much better than the mid to upper 90s (°F)! I hope this helps though I can see where the heads of large screws were used to hold down the edge of the carpet. I managed to remove the worse offender and it was a thin head screw about a #8. So not structural. 

This side of the slide was a bit easier. It would have been difficult if I didn't have use of the wood shop here at the RV park. One of the last tasks on this project was simply caulking the seam on the side of the slide. The last bit is to test the slide. I'm almost afraid to do that...

Friday - I'm going to be using this cheap, PWM solar charge controller as a DC-DC charger for the chassis batteries. It is only designed for lead-acid batteries but has bulk, absorption, and float charging modes. The input source will be the lithium house batteries which are almost always at a higher voltage than the chassis batteries.

It didn’t take long to install the charger and the input circuit breaker. The output is running to the circuit breaker for the Renogy DC-DC charger. 

The downward spike is when this device was turned on. It didn’t take very long to charge the chassis batteries. The chassis battery voltage was 12.7V before and it’s sitting at 13.2V right now. And the new charger is in float mode. 

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  1. This post reminds me to try and figure out why when motorhome engine is running, it charges the house battery and sometimes not....