Friday, March 31, 2023

Tucson, AZ

Wednesday - Another test session this morning followed by the installation of another Shelly1 to control the water pump. This is on the bathroom wall. Pressing the momentary button sends an MQTT message to the Mosquitto service running on the Raspberry Pi which is also the HomeAssistant server. Automation on the server is a subscriber to the message and it sends a signal to the relay in the Shelly1 in the monitor panel above the RV door. It then sends a signal to the relay in the bathroom Shelly1 which lights the indicator light. BTW, the indicator light on the monitor panel also lights up. 

I’m thinking about installing the same setup in the wet bay replacing the physical water pump switch in that location. I rarely need water there unless I’m filling a bucket with hot water to wash the car or just wash my hands. 

This afternoon, we went to Purple Heart Park just north of the Pima fairgrounds to visit Garrett, Carolyn, and their family. They are in Benson for several days and came out to see Bridget after her surgery. Afterward, we were treated to dinner by Galen and Cindy, who were staying out at the fairgrounds.

Thursday - It has really cooled off today with the current temperature being 56°F at 9:30am. I'm waiting for the morning test session to start and this time seems to be a convenient opportunity to type blog entries. The exodus from the RV park, and AZ, has started. Lots of people leaving and heading north by April 1st including a lot of Canadians. The spaces on both sides of us are now empty which means that I can start on my slide repair project. I didn’t want to be messing around with the slide with the neighbor's truck parked there.

Friday - There was a large test session this morning with maybe seven groups of VEs. I was the lead for one of the groups and we tested several people (they passed!). I am now sitting in the pool area with my laptop to download the OS X v13.3 on my laptop. It's an 11.8 GB download so I'm using the free WiFi here at the park to conserve my data plan. In the last ten minutes, it's already downloaded 2.5GB so it's pretty decent Internet. The only challenge was finding an outlet for the laptop as I didn't want the laptop going to sleep in the middle of the download.

The download took less time than the actual upgrade of all of the other software such as MS Office and the Apple productivity apps. I guess there is a reason that this Mac is no longer officially supported. It's really feeling slow. I think the total download for the OS and all of my installed applications was about 40GB and to took about an hour and a half. I'm not going to complain about that.


  1. Did the folks staying at the fairgrounds have any feedback re staying there with an RV?

    1. No, they've stayed there multiple times as have we. No complaints at all about the fairgrounds. A wide choice of options from full hookup to dry.