Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Sabino Canyon

Monday - This morning, we went to Sabino Canyon. This is a National Forest location so we got to park for free using the National Park senior pass. We took the tram tour, which was abbreviated due to high water, and it was about an hour long and included audio narration via earphones. The tram made three stops along the way to take some pictures. Lots of saguaro cactus. 

The last stop was at the dam at the bottom end of the canyon. The park is a beautiful location though it was crowded especially on a Monday. It felt like a weekend. Most people were walking along the road and it may be what we do the next time we visit. 

 - I finished up the battery box fan including wiring it up to power using a switch. There are no lights or displays on the box. Just the fan connection, 12V power, and the temperature sensor cable. 

It looks like the fan is working as indicated by the blue bar on top and the air temperature leveling out (blue line). The other temperature is from the Victron battery monitor which is at the negative battery post of one of the batteries. The battery warms up quite a bit when charging. And this is at 1/4C or about 25 amps per battery. The recommended charge rate is 40 amps with 50 amps being the max. 

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