Saturday, March 18, 2023


Wednesday - The speed on the free WiFi at the Tucson Medical Center (TMC) is pretty fast. This is the result through a VPN as their WiFi is unencrypted. Then again, it’s 6 in the morning. 

An update to the RV WiFi is an extender. This device connects to the existing WiFi network and creates another with a different SSID. The new microprocessor located in the battery bay regularly dropped from the network due to its location. The storage bays and doors are lined with painted aluminum so they do a pretty good job of attenuating signal. The TP-Link extender is located in the bedroom plugged into an always-on outlet. I.e both shore power and inverter. 

While in the waiting room, I went ahead and participated in a test session as it was pretty empty. 

Later - It’s 10:30am and Bridget is in recovery. The Dr said everything looks good. 

3:00pm - Still waiting for a room to open up. The particular wing that the Dr prefers is pretty full. So still in recovery at 3pm. 

6:00pm - Still waiting in recovery. The nurse said that this is kind of normal these days. 

 - Bridget was moved to a room by 7:30pm. This place must be pretty packed. The free WiFi is even faster at this end of the facility. So, I went ahead and participated in the afternoon test session. 

This morning, I made some lemon bars from Meyer lemons that someone in the rv park was giving away. I had never made them before but had heard that it was pretty straightforward. There are more Meyer lemons so, if the bars are good, I may be making some more. 

Saturday - Release day! 

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