Thursday, March 23, 2023

MQTT and Leased Lot

Thursday - I tried something new (for me) on the home automation front. It's been around for quite a while but I had never delved into it. It is a lightweight messaging protocol of the Internet of Things (IoT) using a publish and subscribe model. I installed an MQTT broker on the Raspberry Pi running Home Assistant. I set up an automation to subscribe to the Shelly 1 that I had installed in the RV control panel. I added a physical momentary push-button to the control panel and it sends an MQTT message out whenever the button is pressed. The automation will close the relay and power is supplied to the water pump for some specified period. Currently, for testing, I have it set to 5 seconds. 

Something else that we have been working on for a while is a place to park the RV when we aren't traveling. We are leasing this space and it has a concrete pad for the RV with a 218 sq-ft building with water and 20 amp power. The covered patio is 9' deep. There are full hookups for the RV (water, 50amp power, and sewer).


  1. That space that you're leasing is pretty nice! Got shots of the interior? Will be be something similar to the place you guys are on a waiting list for down in San Antonio?

    1. This is the place that we were on a waiting list for. Only 14months since we got on the list…

      I have a few shots of the interior but it’s pretty plain. I plan to modify one door so the Ural will fit. At least that’s the current plan.