Monday, March 6, 2023

Setting Up in Tucson

Sunday - This morning, I finished setting up. If it looks kind of familiar, we are at the same park in Tucson where we spent last Fall through the end of December. It’s nice and we need to be stationary for a couple of months. The weather is much warmer than Quartzsite but, we were told, it snowed here last week! The low temperatures are still in the 40s (°F) but the highs are and forecast to be in the mid and upper 70s! 

Today was a day to relax a bit, clean up the dirt and dust. Washed the Jeep as it was filthy. The free Internet doesn’t work very well as the park is pretty full so we are still using cellular data.

Monday - Ahhh! Nice to have access to this amenity again. I have nothing against boondocking but this is nice. At 4pm, we met with the group that used to be across from us the last time we were here. They call their get together AA for attitude adjustment.