Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Tucson, AZ

Monday - Getting ready for another test session. It's 74°F so just about ideal to be outside. I did figure out how to add a button to the HomeAssistant interface and use the button state to trigger the automation. Now, I'm working on another D1Mini to add a physical push button to do the same thing. I plan on having physical buttons in the kitchen, bathroom, and possibly the wet bay to trigger the pump automation. For testing, I just have the pump running for 15 sec but the time can be easily changed.

Today, it was kind of windy with some stronger gusts. Nothing as strong as the winds in Yuma and Quartzsite. Today's small project was helping the neighbor mount his bike rack to the back of his Jeep JK. They have two recumbent bikes so it wasn't a regular bicycle rack. I broke a drill bit when modifying the rack to hug the back of the Jeep a bit more. Later, he showed up with a replacement set even though I only broke one bit. Pretty nice!

Tuesday - The windy day continues. It’s windy enough to bring in the main awning. The window awning is on the leeward side of the RV so no problem. I went to the non-park coffee and donuts this morning and had a delicious apple fritter and brought Bridget an old fashion. 

There was a morning test session and I lead one of the candidates (he passed). I tethered the laptop to the phone via USB as I wanted a reliable connection. For some reason, the WiFi doesn't seem as stable maybe because there is so much WiFi in this park. I'm just getting set up for the afternoon session where there is just one candidate and someone else is leading so using the AT&T hotspot over 5gHz. 

There may be some rain coming in but it probably won’t amount to much…

Wednesday - It is a cool and windy morning. Participated in the morning test session before heading out on a couple of errands.

With the rain and wind, I went to the rv park afternoon movie. It was a John Wayne western called Big Jake. I hadn’t seen it before and it was pretty good. It even had a motorcycle riding up and over boulders in the desert. 

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