Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Tyson Wash LTVA - BLM

Sunday - It only went down to 43°F last night. It really did feel warmer. The batteries were at 38% at 7:30 when we started the generator. I adjusted the Magnum inverter/charger for just under 90amp output with about 75amps going into the batteries. As the sun rose higher and solar charging kicked in. I lowered the Magnum output to keep the current into the batteries <80 amps as recommended by SOK. Max is 50 amps charging per battery but 40 amps is the recommended charge rate. 

I dusted off the solar panels as they were pretty dirty. They hadn’t been cleaned in several months so maybe I'll pick up a few watts.

Monday - It's really nice weather again today. About 72°F, sunny, with no wind, and not a cloud in the sky. I did participate in a test session this afternoon from outside. No awning or mat due to the frequent winds around here. It is so quiet out here. Wonderful!

 - The no-wind weather may be ending today. The forecast is for wind with major gusts so anything outside will be put away this afternoon. 

Another test session this morning. It went pretty quick as the candidate was well prepared. A candidate showed up at the last minute for the afternoon session so I jumped on into Zoom. 

The sun is getting higher as we move towards Spring. A couple of months ago, we were barely peaking at 300 watts. Over 400 watts is a little bit better but we have seen over 500 watts last week. We still end up running our generator for several hours every morning to get the battery SOC to about 88%. The solar will then top them off by about 2:30 or so. To avoid running the generator, we will need to double the solar as the first 15-20 amps are just keeping things running. Actual charging of the batteries is currently around 15 amps from our current peak of 30 amps. We’ll see how much it improves in a month or two.