Thursday, February 23, 2023

Tyson Wash LTVA - BLM

Wednesday - As predicted, it was really windy last night. I ended up pulling all of the slides in as the slide toppers were making a lot of noise (flapping). By mid-morning, it was sort of back to normal winds of up to 25mph. I turned off the generator at around 9:40am with SOC of 88% and the solar is charging at a modest rate. It should be good for the last 12%.

Later - There is a lot of dust in the air plus scattered clouds so I think I'm going to be running the generator this evening. At 2:15, the SOC is only at 95% and this is well past the solar peak. Which, by the way, got up to 560 watts with just a shade over 40amps from the charge controller. 

Some bad news. The windshield guy just called and the high winds has been causing him to fall behind so he isn't sure if there is going to be time to get it completely fixed.

Thursday - Another cool-ish day. Windy and partially overcast so not a whole lot of solar. I have frozen rolls thawing out so I'll need to run the convection microwave this afternoon which means I'll have the generator running later. I will also take advantage of the generator running to charge up the chassis batteries as we will be heading to the windshield shop tomorrow afternoon.

Around 3:30, I started up the generator as the microwave and Instant Pot brought our batteries down to about 70%. Plus, we are running the heat pump to warm up the front half of the RV a little more. In a bit, I will start preheating the convection oven and will be turning off the heat pump at that point. The generator is 7500watts but it’s split into two 30 amp legs. The electric loads are unevenly divided with most things on one leg.

We got a bit of rain this afternoon which did result in a nice rainbow. 

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