Saturday, February 4, 2023

Quartzsite, AZ

Thursday - When we were within an hour of Quartzsite, I noticed that the outside temperature was over 70°F! When we left Benson, it was barely 40°F. We filled up our propane tank as it was down to 8% and below “E” on the tank gauge. We arrived at La Posa South LTVA around 3:30 and Garrett met us at the gate and led us in to our friends campsite. 

It was a nice sunset and we had a nice campfire. The DC-DC converter tripped the input circuit breaker sometime during the day but we arrived with our batteries at 100% from the solar. Tomorrow, I’ll enable the 50% feature on the Renogy charger and see if it still trips. 

 - Not very sunny this morning but it’s a whole lot warmer than Benson. And, at least for now, no wind. We are with Diary of a Family and Richard & Hope. They’ve been here for almost two weeks and will relocate to Yuma on the beginning of next week.

This morning, the SOC of the batteries was 42%. We use a lot of power. That did include running the microwave last night. I started the generator at 9am and ran it until 11:30am which brought the SOC up to 87%. There wasn’t much solar today due to the clouds. I'll probably run the generator again this evening to top off the batteries since I'm going to be making something in the Instant Pot that cooks for almost an hour.

The last task was running the additional wire to the Renogy DC-DC charger to drop the current to 20amps from 40amps. 

Saturday - The SOC was at 42% this morning. I started the generator around 8:30 and, since it was running, I ran the heat pump to warm up the front of the RV back to 70°F from the overnight temperature of 62°F. 

We went to visit Jim and Debbie from Life is a Joy in their converted bus. I have been following their channel for a while. Afterwards, we drove a couple of miles south and visited with Brian from AdventureVanMan and Kelly from Wild Wanderland both have YouTube channels. 

Bridget had some sort of complicated game for the afternoon. The picture on the right was taken last night as the campfire was dying down. I just wanted to try out the night capability of the iPhone 13 camera. It seemed to come out all right. The photo says 1/6sec @f1.6 and ISO 8000. 

This is the game. Some sort of single-use “escape room” game. Too complicated for me since more time is spent reading the instructions.