Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Imperial Dam LTVA - BLM

Sunday - I started the generator around 7:30am as our batteries were down to SOC of 17%. This is the lowest we’ve ever run them. It’s going to take hours to recharge them even though they are getting 84amps between the Magnum inverter/charger and solar. 

Not feeling very well today. I seemed to have picked up a sore throat so I didn’t sleep very well last night. 

Monday - Still not feeling very well. It’s hard to sleep with an intermittent cough. It rained last night which was unexpected as it wasn’t in the forecast. 

Tuesday - High winds are forecasted for this afternoon so most of the outside stuff was packed away last night. So far, it's pretty breezy but it's only 1pm. The wind advisory was or 2pm to 11pm. Since it as kind of scattered clouds today, I ran the generator for several hours to get the SOC from 45% to 94%. Solar actually did manage to top the batteries up and go into "float" for a short period. I have the solar controller set to absoprtion time of 30minutes to allow the batteries to top balance and it seems to do a good job. On both of the SOK batteries, the individual cells are within 0.001V. I can't ask for better than that. To do that, the BMS is actually shutting down charging while distributing current between the individual cells. Then turning charging back on for a little bit then repeats. At first, I couldn't figure out why the BMS kept disconnecting the battery. 

I participated in the afternoon test session though AT&T has been a bit flaky. I was told that my audio was dropping occasionally. This usually means that I just need to disable my video to preserve upload bandwidth. According to SpeedTest, I had plenty of download but upload was a bit constrained. (9mbps down, 1.2mbps up) 

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