Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Tyson Wash LTVA - BLM

Wednesday - This morning, we moved north to Quartzsite again. This time, we are in the Tyson Wash LTVA area. Pretty empty. We are still camping with Diary of a Family and are now next to Life is a Joy. Both have or had YouTube channels. 

This is our view to the southwest. Much less crowded here than Imperial Dam but the low temperature is forecast to be near freezing. I filled up with diesel in Quartzsite as the fuel gauge said under ¼ tank but only it only took 61 gallons. Plus the tach was reading about 600rpm low for most of the trip. After filling up and restarting the engine, the tach read fine and the fuel gauge read full. Instrument problem?

Speaking of problems, the windshield is starting to pop out again along the top. Now, I need to find an RV windshield company. It should be easier here in Quartzsite. 

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