Saturday, February 11, 2023

Imperial Dam LTVA - BLM

Thursday - We were initially planning to move today but postponed until tomorrow. Our friends had things to get done and others are in an Encore park until tomorrow. I have no problem with changing plans.

Friday - We are moved to another LTVA (Long Term Visitor Area) just a short distance north of Yuma. This is a new boondocking location for us and since we paid for two weeks at the last LTVA, we are still good and don't need to re-register. There are dump stations, trash, and freshwater as part of the LTVA fee. Our tanks were far from full but the plan is to stay here for almost a week so we may as well start our empty and with a full fresh water tank. 

We are at the Imperial Dam LTVA and is managed by the BLM. It is a very pleasant 73°F right now (mid-afternoon) and the forecasted lows are in the mid-40s. We are camping with the same friends from Quartzsite and this place seems to be more crowded. Or at least that’s what it feels like. AT&T didn’t work near the entrance but we are quite a ways in and service has improved. 

Saturday - I signed up to lead a testing session this morning and it's nice to sit outside again for the test. I'm using my phone via USB for the Internet as it seems to work much better than WiFi to the hotspot… sometimes. I was told that the audio was kind of choppy during the test so the tower may have gotten crowded by the middle of the day. 

The batteries were down to 32% by morning. I turned on the generator and had the charge rate cranked up to 90amps and after several hours, the inverter/charger cut off due to high internal temperatures (145°F). By this time, the batteries were up to 75%. The inverter/charger bay as well as my insulated battery box need some powered, temperature control. Sounds like another project. Tomorrow morning, I’ll just open the inverter/charger bay door. The batteries had heated up to 106°F. 

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