Thursday, February 2, 2023

Benson, AZ - TT

Saturday - We headed south and east to the Dragoon Mountains to visit with Dom, Chris, and Lori again. This is a different location than earlier in the week. A very scenic location. We visited until around 5pm and made it back before sunset. 

Sunday - The forecast is for one of the warmest afternoons in quite a while. Mid-60s (°F) supposedly. Bridget headed out to take some bird pictures at Whitewater Draw Wildlife Area. I opted to defrost the freezer. This is the first time since the 12V compressor conversion and it went much quicker. There was no thick layer of ice on the bottom just a lot of frost and ice around the ice maker area. Most of the freezer contents fit in the chest refrigerator/freezer. 

It took about four hours to get back down to freezer-like temperatures. I loaded about half the stuff back in and I’ll just add the rest tomorrow. 

Monday - This morning, we drove into Tucson for a Dr appointment followed by lunch with Fairbanks friends who are full-time RVers. Lunch was at Ruby’s Texas Barbecue. Very delicious. 

Tuesday - Today was spent running around Tucson. The picture is from our last stop at Saguaro East Visitors Center where Bridget picked up her senior National Park Pass. 

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