Saturday, February 18, 2023

More Windshield Problems

Saturday - Now, where have we seen this before? Windshield problems again. Actually, the same problem though the cause was different. Before, it had been from leveling problems. This time, it happened while driving from Yuma to Quartzsite in very windy conditions. The windshield guy says that the pressure from sidewinds will cause the windshield to move. 

He has a solution and it is the one that everyone has recommended from Tucson, Phoenix, and Washington. And that is adding fiberglass to the upper edge of the windshield opening to reduce the size of the opening. The gasket will then be able to be fully seated in the opening and the glass. Right now, it’s barely seated in either one. 

We are to return next Friday morning and he is blocking off most of the day for our repair. This is the right way to do it and should eliminate the problem. On the way back to the LTVA, I needed to stop and add gorilla tape to the windshield to hold it in place. I stopped at La Posa South to dump and refill the water tank. We should be good for the week. I returned to the same site near Jim and Debbie. Garrett, Carolyn, and their family headed of towards Phoenix to meet up with Kristin and John of No Ordinary Path. We had last met them when they were in Fairbanks a couple of years ago.


  1. Here's hoping the fix will be the last time you experience problems with the windshield!

    1. Hopefully. What he is planning to do is what every other repairman has suggested. All of them had no experience with the repair but all recommended this person to do it. On the corner of Main and 95 in Quartzsite.