Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Road Trip - Part 1

Tuesday - I tested the temperature controller with the 24watt silicon heating pads. I think these should work fine. I initially tested the controller around ambient temperature with a shutoff temp of slightly higher. I then held the thermistor and it shutoff in seconds. I think these Amazon bargains should work fine. Total of $31 for two controllers and four heat pads. (Spare parts!). 

Wednesday - This morning, we headed west towards California. Our destination for today is Palm Springs which makes tomorrow’s trip into (and through) L.A. much shorter. Todays trip was just over 400 miles with Goggle routing us on a southerly route before heading north west of the Salton Sea. 

Dinner was at Sherman’s Deli at the suggestion of Brian and Michelle from LivinRVision YouTube channel. They said that this is the pie that all others are compared to. We’ll see…

BTW, the pie was not dinner.

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