Saturday, December 31, 2022

Getting Ready to Go

Thursday - Another cool-ish morning at 51°F@10:30. And, I think there is more rain in the forecast. Everyone says that it's colder than usual but everyone seems to say that. I stayed inside for the morning test session. 53°F felt too cold to be sitting outside. 

The paranoid me started the engine this afternoon. Since we are scheduled to leave on Sunday, I just wanted to make sure that the engine will start. It started fine with minimal smoke, though it still smelled like an old diesel. I guess there is no getting away from that. I also checked and filled up the tires on the RV. The last time the RV was driven was when the ambient temperature was 100°F. Now, it’s 55°F and the front tires were a bit low. The little pump took quite a while to get the front tires up to 110psi which registers as 115psi on the pump. I’m not sure which one is correct. Probably neither. 

 - Another cool, partially cloudy day. I think the high was in the low 60s (°F). I participated in two test sessions today and worked a bit on the battery heater. The switches below the temperature controller are for the battery heater, battery cooling, and to enable engine charging. The second temperature controller for cooling is not installed. It will simply control a fan to exhaust warm air from inside the box outside. 

The temperature controller for heating is set to turn on at 5°C and turn off at 7°C. I don’t have the silicon pads installed under the batteries but I do have one hooked up and the thermocouple between the two batteries just in case the heater is accidentally turned on.

 - Just about everything is put away. Shortly after taking this picture, the awning was stowed and the kitchen slide went in. I also put in the living room slide as I needed to try out some slick hard plastic floor glides where the slide touches the floor. I think they’ll work but we’ll find out tomorrow at our next location. 

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