Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Returning to the RV

Monday - We left West L.A. around 9am with very little traffic until we were ready to leave the basin. A lot of people escaped the crowds towards the desert and AZ. We stopped just west of Yuma and visited with friends, Tom and Lori, at their boondocking spot. It was a short visit but we haven't seen them in over 3 years. The last time was in Bakersfield. We arrived back at our RV around 8pm. Not too long of a trip but I was really tired so Bridget did most of the driving. I drove out of L.A. as that was really familiar. 

Tuesday - Time to unpack a bunch of stuff for the next few days. We will be leaving here on Sunday. When I first arrived on September 1st, four months in one place seemed like a really long time. But, with all of the projects and old/new friends, time has passed quickly. 

Wednesday - The nice weather didn't last long as it is raining and only 51°F right now. I just finished a test session this morning. 

 - I had played around with the Magnum charging parameters again. Lowered the absorption voltage to 14.2V from 14.3V and the rebulk to 13.0V from 12.9V. So now it cycles between ~90% and 98% SOC and there are no longer long periods of 90amp charging. This is not suitable while being plugged in. It may work better if I had the Magnum battery monitor but not for an additional $170 or so. This would be another shunt installed on the negative cable with a run to the battery bank positive and negative posts for more accurate battery voltage. Right now, the voltage is measured within the inverter/charger so it is influenced by load. 

The good news for today is that the hot tub is working again. I guess it’s been broken for about a week. Fortunately, for me, it was the week we were gone.


  1. Well you had good timing at least with the hot tub! Glad you two made it back safely.

  2. +1 what Dom said, great timing ;-) Enjoy your hot tub.