Thursday, December 8, 2022

Battery Project Continues

Tuesday - Yesterday's bulk charge with an absorption voltage of 14.6V proved to be on the high side. Especially with an absorption time of 90 minutes which is the shortest setting available with the current Magnum remote. This triggered the BMS (Battery Management System) on one of the batteries to go into "protect" mode. Essentially disconnecting it from charging. I switched the battery type to gel on the Magnum and turned off charging. After about ten minutes, the battery, the battery came back online. and they both discharged until around noon. I turned the charger back on and it proceeded to finish the 90-minute absorption time before going into float. 

When the Magnum switched to "float" after the 90min absorption, it stopped supplying current to the batteries as the solar controller was still in "bulk" mode as its absorption setting wasn't reached. The Victron solar charge controller does have a LiFePO4 profile and it is set with an absorption voltage of 14.4V and an absorption time of 15 minutes. And a re-bulk voltage differential of 0.4V so it'll start charging again when the voltage drops to 14V.

 - Todays tasks were removing the batteries and installing the battery disconnect switch and painting the battery box. The switch was installed on the side wall of the bay next to the solar charge controller circuit breaker. The box was also disassembled and glue was added. Steel eyelets were installed for a ratchet strap to anchor the box and batteries. I only painted the sections of the box that I couldn’t get to easily when the box is in the bay. Especially where the wood contacts the steel bottom of the bay. 

 - Participated in the morning test session before going for a walk around the park. I have an Apple appointment later on today as my iPhone 13 Mini doesn't want to power on. I moved the SIM card to my old iPhone X and after a while, it started working on AT&T again. Maybe because the hardware identifier within the phone changed. I believe that the phone is still under warranty as it is less than a year old. 

Update - The iPhone 13 Mini started to work again so I cancelled the appointment. I also finished painting the box and added some aluminum trim to the lid. The ratchet strap is to hold the box and batteries in place. Still a little more work before this project is finished. 

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