Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Misc plus Kartchner Caverns

Tuesday - After morning coffee and doughnuts at the clubhouse, I met up with Jerry and we installed a 12V led light strip below the basement storage bays doors. He had an AC led light strip before and the 12V one can be left permanently wired. We added a shutoff switch and are wired into the lights for the storage bays. They look pretty good. I think I want to do this mod as well.

I think that things are working just fine. The batteries discharged for most of the night and around 7am, bulk charging started for about an hour. Then solar charging kept the batteries fully charged until mid afternoon. Lots of clouds today. 

Since the Victron solar controller uses the battery monitor for voltage, it’s actually set up simply using the LiFePO4 recommendations. No monkeying around trying to get it work properly. 

Wednesday - Below freezing! What happened to the warm 70°F weather?
Today, we went to Kartchner Caverns for an 11am tour with Lynne, Jerry, Mike, and Kathy. We had taken the tour several years ago and it was just as good again. Here is a picture from a Google search as no cameras, cell phones, and any other devices, are allowed inside the caverns.

We then went to a microbrewery for lunch. I had a Navajo taco. Lunch was wonderful as was the company. 

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