Sunday, December 18, 2022

Quiet Weekend

Thursday - Last night, it dropped below freezing by a couple of degrees. Enough that the heat pump switched to the furnace. Not much happened today. A test session, then some minor wiring to add in the second circuit breaker to the DC-DC charger. The Renogy recommendation is for a 60-amp breaker on the input and a 50-amp breaker on the output. 

Bridget went out to the arboretum with a couple of friends so I’m trying out another Chinese restaurant. Ba-Dar on Broadway is just about a mile from the park. I had the sizzling pepper beef. It was delicious. And the hot-sour soup was far better than any I’ve had in the last year or so. Definitely, the best Chinese food I’ve had in Arizona. Most Chinese restaurants we’ve tried were sub-Panda Express (which isn’t bad).

Friday - I finally finished the DC-DC charger. There is a trigger wire which would usually be connected to an ignition wire to turn the charger on. I opted to connect it to the trailer tail light circuit just like the auxiliary radiator fan. This way, the charging circuit won’t be loaded until we drive down the road. I need to pick up more 16AWG wire as I seem to have used up my supply. 

Saturday - How about that. Three days without any HomeAssistant screenshots! I spent the afternoon putting things away that we probably won’t be using before our upcoming road trip. Such as the bikes and Blackstone. Plus, I’m keeping the old 2/0 battery cables and the half sheet of foam insulation. I’m storing it under the folding table where I used to have plywood pieces. 

I dug out the iPad to upgrade the iOS to the current version. It’s been month since I last used this device and now I know why. The battery runs down fast. When I picked it up, the battery was at 92% and it’s already down to 88% after ten minutes of use. The battery was supposed to last a long time.

Sunday - Still trying to use the iPad. Overnight, the battery dropped down to 75%. I have the Mac on the campground WiFi trying to do and OS upgrade. And it says about 4 days remaining, Not very encouraging.

Otherwise, not much going on. I’m at the hot tub right now. Definitely the best amenity at this park. It has been really handy for doing projects especially with Home Depot just a short walk away. 


  1. " the hot tub..." sigh! I'd like that, too, stat. Happy holidays to you and your loved ones, Richard.